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Quickly build your diagnostic report for consistency and efficiency.


Quickly “build” your diagnostic report for consistency and efficiency. You can use your coded text entries or our unique pre-configured button system that allows for a comprehensive diagnostic flow. No longer will a pathologist need to review clinician language preferences for every case.

Digital annotation


When used in conjunction with Viewer+, the simple circling of a tumor allows for automated quantification and populating of the text in the final diagnostic report. You can save time and eliminate tedious measuring. *This works with limited tissue types. Additional tissue types will be available Q2 and Q3 of 2023

Lumea digital pathology has AI-driven lane assignment

AI-Driven Lane

Lumea’s AI-driven lane assignment enables tissue arrays with multiple specimens on a single slide without risk of confusion. It keeps track of which specimen is which on a slide, and annotations are automatically assigned to the proper site for the pathologist to confirm.

Ancillary test online ordering on a computer

Clinician Criteria-driven
Ancillary Test Ordering

Ensure proper compliance with clinician ancillary testing preferences based on procedure type and diagnosis. Upon approval from the clinician and pathologist, additional testing requisitions are messaged directly to the labs holding the tissue, reducing turnaround time and ensuring patients don’t “fall through the cracks.

Digital pathology report


Report design and layouts are strategic and essential for maintaining a clear and accurate partnership with clinicians. Retain those report designs and layouts while also using the ability to digitally diagnose an entire case without leaving the slide image.

Lumea plugs into your existing LIS


DxBuilder retains each category and diagnostic detail, allowing for accurate and fast research, analysis of practice patterns (both clinician-based and pathologist-based), and even automated quality assurance.

four pathologists love Lumea digital pathology technology

“We interviewed four of the most renowned and well-respected pathologists who have used Lumea’s digital pathology for 2-4 years. Combined, these pathologists have 93 years of pathology experience and have signed out millions of cases across the United States. See if Lumea holds up to their impeccable standards.”

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