BxCam Setup for BxLink Lab



1. Connect USB-C into port on the back of the BxCam and connect the other end of the cable to the USB-C Brick. Plug Brick into standard outlet to supply power.

2. Connect ethernet cable to camera and the other end into the dongle. Then connect the dongle USB-A end into computer USB-A slot.

3. Wait for lights to cycle through the booting process.

  • Single rotating light = Booting up
  • Entire hexagon flashes = Ready

Light rotating means BxCam is booting up

When entire hexagon flashes, BxCam is ready

4. Go to or type into your browser.

5. Download and install the certificates and bundles following the steps here

6. Login to BxLink and test the camera to make sure it is working properly

7. Validate using your lab’s standards 

For additional help and troubleshooting, contact us at support@lumeadigital.com