Enhance your lab and optimize your grossing station with Lumea’s AI-driven BxCam®, a reliable and affordable machine-learning tool used on over 2 million specimens that measures and documents specimens in seconds.

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Features & Options

Speed and

Employ this tried and tested AI tool to auto-document and measure anything that will fit within a cassette, with access to automatic grossing template builders and multiplexing capabilities.

Standardization and Quality Assurance

Eliminate risks, errors, and human variation by utilizing the BxCam to ensure consistent, high-quality, and precise measurements and gross descriptions.

Versatile Specimen

The camera can gross a variety of specimens. It accurately measures length and width, individually documents fragments, and handles the aggregate measurement of pieces. 

Software Integration
for Efficiency

With Lumea’s user-friendly and open API framework, the software seamlessly integrates with and auto-populates information into any existing Laboratory Information System (LIS).


Want to skip the integration? Get started immediately with the standalone, plug-and-play version of the camera with the same Smart features you can manually add to your LIS.

Enhance with
Tissue-handling Devices

Lumea’s pre-analytical specimen collection and transportation devices for procedures and labs enable standardization, reduce fragmentation, increase tissue yield for microscopy, and maintain anatomic orientation.

pathology assistant loves lumea digital pathology solutions

“Ever since I started grossing I hated prostate biopsies. I’d rather do anything else. Now, I joke that I’m probably the only pathologists’ assistant in the country whose favorite specimen to gross is a prostate core case”

Wyatt Anthony, Pathology AssistantPathNet
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