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Preserve tissue quality and increase cancer detection rates with tissue-handling devices for the clinic and lab

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BxBoard® – 6 Lane

For 16-18g needle-core biopsies

Left and right BxBoards

Goodbye bottles for small biopsies, hello Lumea BxBoards. Medical personnel place tissue samples on special hydrophilic formalin-soaked sponges within the BxBoards. This tech preserves anatomic orientation, allowing for more specific localization of the disease.

BxBoards are also healthier for MAs, physicians, and lab personnel because they reduce the amount of formaldehyde exposure.

Clinics and surgery centers using the BxBoard report an 83% reduction in containers and an 89% reduction of formalin per prostate case, and an overall 136% reduction in biohazard waste per histology lab.


BxChip® – 6 Lane

For 16-18g needle-core biopsies


The BxChip is a patented Sectionable Matrix. It can hold up to six biopsy core specimens throughout
lab processing. One study reported the following benefits of using the BxChip in their urology lab:
• Histologic tissue surface area (mm2) increased by an average of 14.5% on the glass slide.
• Biopsy core length increased by an average of 31.8%.
• Most notably, the overall cancer detection rate increased by 9.3% (49.5% to 58.8%)!

Labs using the BxChip also see an average of 78% reduction in grossing time, an 83% reduction in embedding, and a 76% decrease in total lab time per prostate case.



Enhance your lab and optimize your grossing station with Lumea’s AI-driven BxCam®, a reliable and affordable machine-learning tool used on over 2 million specimens that measures and documents specimens in seconds.

The BxCam takes accessioning to the next level. A laboratory technician places a specimen under the camera, which uses artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately measure the entire surface area of the tissue. An RFID reader simultaneously links it to the correct patient encounter in the LIS. Gross your specimens in seconds with minimal handling.


RFID Reader

RFID reader

RFID Readers enable Lumea’s BxLink users to associate an RFID Tag to a specific patient sample.



RFID tags

RFID Tags to use with BxBoards and BxChips. RFID tags strengthen and enhance the chain-of-custody tracking for patient tissue and adds an additional patient identifier. When RFID is linked to a patient encounter it immediately initiates tracking so physicians can see where the tissue is at every step of the process.



Gyn, Non-Gyn, and UroCyte slide prep

CytoRing Block

The FocalRing is a tool designed to reduce scanning failures and rescans commonly associated with poor focal plane definition of small tissue biopsies and cytology samples. The FocalRing comes embedded in a block and is meant to be sectioned at the same thickness as the tissue or cell structure it will be associated with. Once the ring is on the slide and deparaffinized, the desired sample (produced at the same thickness) is placed within the ring. The slide then goes through the standard processes to stain and digitize, with the FocalRing providing the plane of focus for whole slide scanning..



Anti-Slip Platform®

Anti slip mat for BxBoards

Lumea’s BxBoard Anti-Slip Platform holds a BxBoard steady and in place during a procedure. The platform makes it easier for surgeons and physicians to load the BxBoard with tissue, especially if they do not have an assistant or nurse to assist during the biopsy.


Embedding Tamper

Histology tamper

Lumea’s embedding tampers are designed and sized to apply even pressure to the full extent of the BxChip. The tamper base is aluminum which can heat up quickly and is less likely to adhere to the back of the BxChip. The ergonomic handle fits well between the thumb and index finger interspace without fatiguing the user’s hand.


BxChip 6-lane

Onboarding Kit

BxBoard onboarding kit

The BxChip is perfect for medical laboratories! Our patented Sectionable Matrix technology allows you to increase tissue surface area and preserve the integrity of the tissue while aiding pathologists in cancer detection rate.


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BxChip – 4 Lane®

For 14-16-gauge core
needle biopsies

BxChip 4 slots

BxBoard – 4 Lane®

For 14-16-gauge core
needle biopsies

4 CORE BxBOARD no packaging

BxChip – 8 Well®

Each well can contain a small tissue
biopsy up to 7mm

BxChip 8 slots

BxChip – 16 Well®

Each well can contain a small tissue biopsy
up to 4mm

pathology assistant loves lumea digital pathology solutions

“It’s actually fun to gross prostates here. In a full day, I could gross 100 BxChips full of prostate cores by myself. If I had to do that same amount of cores the traditional way it would take me a full week, and I would probably quit after the first day.”

Wyatt Anthony, Pathology AssistantPathNet
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