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Stop by Lumea’s booth at Transforming Digital Pathology AI: The Path Forward for an immersive experience with our cutting-edge digital pathology technology and to gain firsthand insights into how our technology optimizes pathology workflows. Lumea’s representatives will be available to engage in discussions, providing in-depth knowledge about their digital pathology solutions and addressing queries. This presents a unique opportunity for professionals at all levels, from beginners to experts, to explore and understand the practical applications of our technology in clinical settings. Whether interested in the latest advancements, seeking to enhance diagnostic capabilities, or simply looking to stay at the forefront of digital pathology development, stopping by the booth will offer a valuable and informative experience.

Reach out to Chelsea Sowards today to reserve a spot for a personalized demo during the event.

Tissue Standardization Presentation

If you’re attending, you won’t want to miss James Thackeray’s presentation where he’ll unveil the game-changing impact of tissue standardization tools on patient care and digital pathology. Join us and witness firsthand the revolutionary advancements that are shaping the future of healthcare.

Event Details:

The 4th Transforming Digital Pathology AI: The Path Forward will take place May 8 in Edinburgh, Scotland, hosted by the Royal College of Physicians. The event focuses on discussing the use of digital pathology in clinical settings and successful AI-aided diagnostics implementation. Bringing together industry experts, academics, and technology providers, the event caters to various levels of expertise. While technological advances have facilitated digital pathology approaches and AI solutions for pathologic assessments, challenges such as insufficient annotated data, defining ground truth data, and implementation costs hinder practical AI use in clinical diagnosis. Their platform aims to address these challenges, fostering real-time discussions for exchanging expertise, experiences, and actionable information among attendees.

Meet Our Reps!

Chelsea Sowards

Chelsea Sowards, Senior VP of Sales, Lumea

James Thackeray

James Thackeray, Chief Commercial Officer, Lumea


Can’t make it to the conference? You can explore our tissue-handling technology, slide viewer, and digital-pathology-enabled LIS on your own on our website, or fill in your details below to get in touch with us.

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