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Lumea is pleased to announce a new product line: Lumea+ Digital Pathology. Lumea+ allows labs and pathologists to enhance their existing LIS with proprietary consumables and leading-edge technology that optimizes the entire pathology workflow. With these LIS integrations, groups can adopt digital pathology at their own pace.

Lumea Plus Digital Pathology

Lumea+ Digital Pathology Packages

Lumea+ has three distinct packages: Grossing+, Viewer+, and Diagnosis+. Groups can choose to implement one or all of the packages. It is truly custom digital pathology.

Grossing+: Labs can upgrade their grossing station with artificial intelligence, automated measurements, and multiplexing for anatomic specimens. Labs will enjoy up to an 83% reduction in consumables used depending on specimen type.

Viewer+: Harness the power of multiplexing and AI that, when combined, introduce quantifiable efficiency gains of up to 40% quicker signout. This package includes a slide image viewer, access to third-party AI, a powerful multiplex tool, and more.

Diagnosis+: Pathologists can maximize viewer use with full access to complete report generation, slide annotation, and additional stain management. All from a single screen resulting in up to a 50% quicker sign out when used in conjunction with the Viewer+.

Request a free demo on our website for more information on the Lumea+ packages. 

Lumea+ Benefits

First, Lumea+ enables labs to maximize their efficiency. Histology labs can capitalize on new efficiencies and optimization by combining Lumea’s proprietary tissue collection and processing technologies with hardware and software.

Second, pathology groups can standardize their workflow. Standardization sets the groundwork for new value propositions like system-wide stability, valuable data gathering, and opportunities for increased optimization.

Third, pathologists can do their job in a fraction of the time with multiplexing technology, auto-alignment tools, and diagnostic AI of their choice.

Finally, Lumea+ enables easy digital pathology adoption. Groups can choose the best course of action without forfeiting the ability to decide what meets their greatest needs first.

Stay tuned to learn about upcoming partnerships between Lumea and LIS and AI companies. To see more, download our Lumea+ one pager here: Lumea+ One Pager.

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