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The BxChip® vs Traditional


Q:What tissue types is this used for?
A: you know

Q:What are the lab benefits?
A:The lab benefits are saving time and money

Q:Does the BxChip require training?
A:Yes & No

BxChip Increases Both Tissue Yield & Prostate Cancer Detection

The BxChip is an engineered tissue-mimetic array that safely holds up to 6 needle-core biopsies in a single cassette throughout tissue processing.
It is designed to keep needle core biopsies straight.

Graphic demonstrating how the BxChip results in less linear variability in a block than a typical block

Vertical variation differences between a BxChip block and a traditional block

• Histologic tissue surface area (mm2) increased by an average of 14.5% on the glass slide
• Biopsy core length increased by an average of 31.8%.
• Most notably, the overall cancer detection rate increased by 9.3% (49.5% to 58.8%)!

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“A pathologist’s biggest fear is missing something. Now, they’re able to economically see all of the cores dual-stained and have more confidence they are giving the correct diagnosis”

James Dixon, Pathology Lab ManagerHorizon Montcon Pathology Lab
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