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Here is a compilation of the top 20 free pathology podcasts available online in alphabetical order. Topics range from lab advancements to digital pathology and raising awareness for unique specialties and diversity in the field. 

Answers From the Lab logo

1. Answers From the Lab

Answers From the Lab is a Mayo Clinic-curated podcast sharing Mayo Clinic knowledge and advancements on the state of testing, science, and people who are making it happen behind the scenes. Each one is shorter than a half hour.

Host: Dr. Bobbi S. Pritt, a pathologist and clinical microbiologist at Mayo Clinic.

Frequency: Weekly

Run Dates: April 2020 – now


Beyond the Scope logo

2. Beyond the Scope

Beyond the Scope is a podcast by the Digital Pathology Association. It focuses on hot topics in digital pathology. In each episode, the co-hosts talk with key opinion leaders to discuss new research, technology, and workflows emerging in the field. Topics include artificial intelligence, computational pathology, whole slide imaging, in/ex-vivo microscopy, regulation, and commercialization.

Hosts: Dr. Giovanni Lujan from OSUWMC and Dr. David Tulman from Instapath

Frequency: 1-2 episodes a month

Run Dates: February 2020 – now


CAPcast Logo

3. CAPcast

The College of American Pathologists’ CAPcast includes interviews with leading pathologists on current issues impacting pathology and laboratory medicine and monthly advocacy recaps on current events in pathology. They are typically short episodes.

Host: The College of American Pathologists

Frequency: Weekly

Run Dates: September 2014 – now


Dead Men Do Tell Tales logo

4. Dead Men Do Tell Tales

This podcast focuses on forensic pathology, a medical subspecialty that focuses on determining the cause, manner, and mechanism of death. In each episode JET and Nic discuss a forensics-related topic. Their goals are to bust the field of forensic pathology myths and increase interest in forensic medicine as a career.

Hosts: Drs. Jordan Taylor (JET) and Nicole Croom (Nic), forensic pathology residents

Frequency: Bi-monthly

Run Dates: June 2019 – September 2022


Deeper Levels logo

5. Deeper Levels

Deeper Levels is a podcast on pathology, medicine, and science. Each episode features expert guests. Together they discuss relevant topics such as the importance of frequent cancer screening, scientific journalism, the impact of pathology on patient care, the current practice of lab medicine, and virtual education.

Host: Dr. Natalie Banet, academic pathologist in Rhode Island

Frequency: Weekly

Run Dates: March 2020 – April 2021


AI Digital Pathology logo

6. Dialogues on AI Digital Pathology

Dialogues on AI Digital Pathology is a podcast/webinar series where medical and industry experts share their views on the evolving trends of AI digital pathology and its role in finding effective treatments for Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH).

Host: Dr. Nikolai Naoumov, Adviser for Clinical Research and Drug Development in Liver Diseases, Novartis Pharma AG

Frequency: Monthly

Run Dates: August 2020 – June 2021

digital pathology podcast logo

7. Digital Pathology Podcast

The Digital Pathology Podcast discusses digital pathology, from the basic concepts to the newest developments, including image analysis and artificial intelligence. The host and her guests review scientific literature, discuss the current industry, and research digital pathology trends.

Host: Dr. Aleksandra Zuraw from Digital Pathology Place

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Run Dates: Sep 2019 – now

Digital Pathology Today logo

8. Digital Pathology Today

Digital Pathology Today is your podcast about the world of digital pathology. Each week a new guest expert comes to talk about the past, present, and future of digital pathology. These guests include industry leaders, academics, and top pathologists. This podcast aims to provide valuable insight and information on digital pathology and artificial intelligence. 

Host: Joseph Anderson, MD, a consultant to early-stage and mature companies in digital pathology and molecular diagnostics 

Frequency: Weekly

Run Dates: October 2020 – now

Digital Transformation in Pathology podcast logo

9. Digital Transformation in Pathology

This podcast is where pathology meets computer science. Get the inside track on digital pathology. Hear from expert guests and benefit from in-depth discussions. The podcast covers reimbursement for digital pathology in the clinic, how to keep up with artificial intelligence, and tissue multiplexing.

Host: Dr. Aleksandra Zuraw

Frequency: Monthly

Run Dates: December 2020 – April 2022

Diversify in Path logo

10. Diversify in Path

The diversify in Path podcast explores how investing in diversity can lead to a high return on investment in pathology and lab medicine by learning from the knowledge and experiences of diverse voices within our field. Each episode features a new guest and their experiences in pathology. This podcast focuses on storytelling and narratives in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Host: Dr. Michael Williams

Frequency: Weekly

Run Dates: August 2021- now

Inside the Lab Podcast logo

11. Inside the Lab

Inside the Lab, by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), discusses anything and everything concerning labs and pathologists. The goal is to generate thought-provoking discussions about topics relevant to pathology and laboratory medicine. Episodes cover current issues like COVID-19, mentorship, burnout, retention of community practitioners, serology, patient care, and more to build awareness of the work of pathologists and laboratory professionals. You can get CME credits for listening.

Hosts: Kelly Swailes, ASCP Executive Editor; Lotte Mulder, ASCP Director of Leadership and Empowerment; and Dan A Milner, ASCP CEO.

Frequency: Weekly

Run Dates: August 2020 – now

ModPath Chat logo

12. ModPath Chat

ModPath Chat is the official podcast of Modern Pathology, the journal of the US and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP). It features interviews with authors, opinion leaders, and experts on the latest science, technology, and developments in the field of pathology. 

Host: Dr. George J. Netto, the Editor-in-Chief of Modern Pathology and the Chair of Pathology at the University of Alabama in Birmingham

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Run Dates: September 2020 – now

PathPod logo

13. PathPod

Four pathologists started this podcast at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to support pathology students, fellows, and residents with their training. They regularly have guest pathologists to share ideas, resources, and news and educate them about their specialty. The podcast also has regular quiz shows! 

Hosts: Dr. Mike Arnold from the Children’s Hospital Colorado, Dr. Sara Jiang of Duke University, Dr. Kamran Mirza of Loyola University, and Dr. Christina Arnold of the University of Colorado.

Frequency: Weekly

Run Dates: April 2020 – now

People of Pathology Podcast logo

14. People of Pathology Podcast

The People of Pathology Podcast highlights people from different specialties and backgrounds in pathology. The purpose is to get to know these people, understand their motivations, hear their stories, and learn from their insights. Listen to learn about digital pathology, gross specimen handling, imaging, and new technologies. 

Host: Dennis Strenk, Pathologists’ Assistant at Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories.

Frequency: Weekly

Run Dates: July 2020 – now

SAGE podcast logo

15. SAGE Toxic Pathology and Veterinary Science

SAGE is a leading international publisher of journals, books, and electronic media for academic, educational, and professional markets. Most episodes include a host from SAGE and a guest who discusses a relevant journal article or book on topics on toxic pathology and veterinary science.

Hosts: SAGE

Frequency: Monthly

Run Dates: November 2013 – now

Sign Out Sessions Logo

16. Sign Out Sessions

Sign Out Sessions hosts interviews and shares stories from the UC Davis faculty, fellows, guests, and others to inspire listeners to learn more about the people and fields within pathology and laboratory medicine.

Hosts: Dr. John Paul Graff and Dr. Peter Connor from the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UC Davis.

Frequency: Monthly

Run Dates: December 2020 – December 2021


The Pathology Grand Tour logo

17. The Pathology Grand Tour 

A 12-episode podcast series produced by The Pathologist. The purpose of this podcast is to give a virtual tour of the different roles in pathology from immunology and infectious diseases to forensics, biomedical science, and veterinary pathology. Each episode covers a new discipline, making it particularly interesting for someone interested in pursuing pathology as a career or a current practitioner who wants to learn more about what their colleagues do.

Hosts: Michael Schubert, Editor of The Pathologist magazine

Deputy Editor: Liv Gaskill

Frequency: Monthly

Run Dates: October 2021 – February 2022

This Pathological Life logo

18. This Pathological Life Podcast

The podcast series brings to life the spectrum of general pathology topics by delving into each through the lens of historical aspects of the disease, community impact of chronic illness, study or research threads, and topical areas of interest. Each disease has its own story to tell. This podcast is where the stories are told. This Pathological Life is produced by Clinpath Pathology in South Australia.

Hosts: Steve Davis and Dr. Travis Brown, resident general pathologist. 

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Run Dates: July 2020 – August 2021

Throwback Thursday pathology podcast logo

19. Throwback Thursday with Dr. Fred Silva

Dr. Fred Silva discusses the history of different people and topics in renal and nephrology. His topics range from the Electron Microscope to the best books on pathology, the history of stains, what it is like to be a consultant, and famous contributors to the field of pathology.  

Host: Dr. Fred Silva of Arcana Laboratories

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Run Dates: April 2017 – January 2021

Yale Cancer Answers logo

20. Yale Cancer Center Answers

Yale Cancer Answers is a weekly radio show by Yale Cancer Center on WNPR – Connecticut Public Radio – providing the latest information on cancer screening, detection, treatment, and prevention. The show features a guest cancer specialist who will share the most recent advances in cancer therapy and respond to questions. Topics include breast cancer, lung cancer, melanoma, colorectal cancer, skin cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, and ovarian cancer. 

Host: Dr. Anees Changpar from Yale Cancer Center

Frequency: Weekly

Run Dates: September 2020 – now


ASK A PATHOLOGIST podcast logo

21. Bonus: Ask a Pathologist

We started a podcast this year called Ask a Pathologist, where experienced pathologists come together to share advice and discuss the digital pathology industry.

Host: Lumea and the Digital Diagnostic Summit

Frequency: Monthly

Run Dates: April 2023 – now


Start the new year by committing to learn something new. Tuning into a new pathology podcast is an easy way to get that done, and some of them even offer CME credit. Share your favorite podcasts in the comments below.

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