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U.S. Patent 10,734,100 US


Tissue sample management systems include a central net- work, a medical professional system, and a pathology lab system for processing a tissue sample in a matrix having a sectionable code. At least the pathology lab system includes at least one imaging device, and the central network is configured to process images from the at least one imaging device to identify and record at least the sectionable code of the matrix. Methods for tissue sample processing include providing a matrix having a sectionable code and measure- ment marks, the matrix for receiving a tissue sample, and identifying the sectionable code from an image taken of the tissue sample in the matrix. Tissue sample-receiving matri- ces include a sectionable alphanumeric code or bar code, a tissue sample receptacle, and measurement marks formed along a sidewall thereof. The matrices include one or more proteins and one or more lipids.

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