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Bringing together Acupath and AIRA Matrix, Lumea leverages its advanced tech to facilitate collaboration in digital pathology.

LEHI, UTAH, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2024 — The combined collaboration of these three innovative companies marks a significant leap forward in digital pathology collaboration and adoption. Each is an industry leader in their own right—Lumea, the top digital pathology leader for clinical use in the United States; AIRA Matrix Private Limited, a leader in AI innovation globally; and Acupath, a nation-leading Commercial Lab. With the potential to enhance efficiencies, minimize diagnostic errors, and expedite personalized medicine approaches, this convergence epitomizes innovation in action. These companies, committed to their respective missions, transcend theory to pioneer practical and viable solutions to advance digital pathology.

AIRA Matrix, specializing in AI-based applications for cancer care, brings advanced algorithms and deep learning techniques to aid pathologists in swiftly and accurately identifying complex patterns within digital pathology images, enhancing diagnostic efficiency. The collaboration with AIRA Matrix and Acupath on the Lumea platform enhances bladder cancer diagnosis by automating the quantification of the URO17® test, improving accuracy and turnaround time. It marks a significant advancement in the mission to enhance the standard of care through innovative digital pathology solutions.

“This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our mission to improve the standard of care through innovative AI solutions. By collaborating with Lumea and Acupath, we aim to provide pathologists with powerful tools to make accurate diagnosis, and help improve treatment decisions and patient outcomes,” said Chaith Kondragunta, CEO of AIRA Matrix.

Acupath commercialized URO17 in 2019 and has processed over 30,000 cases since inception. Widely adopted by top urology practices, commercial labs, and hospitals nationwide, URO17 is pivotal in conjunction with urine cytology and/or FISH for enhanced bladder cancer detection and management, making Acupath the leading provider nationwide. As a Lumea user, they are thrilled to work as a partner with the AIRA Matrix algorithm as it significantly increases the speed, efficiency, and accuracy associated with the interpretation of URO17 slides.

John Cucci, CSO of Acupath, says, “Acupath is excited about our collaboration with both Lumea and AIRA Matrix to make this cutting-edge technology available to our customers nationwide. URO17 represents a significant improvement on traditional non-invasive bladder cancer testing and offers significant clinical utility to our providers and their patients.”

About Lumea

Lumea, a forefront innovator in digital pathology, places patients at the core of its approach. Their best-in-class tissue-handling technology and integrated workflow AI ensure standardization and optimal tissue integrity throughout the entire pathology ecosystem, enhancing overall efficiency and quality. This distinctive strategy improves tissue yield and quality, which can lead to higher cancer detection rates and results in a return on investment in cost and time-sensitive environments, ultimately setting a higher standard for patient care and cancer diagnostics. Learn more at

About AIRA Matrix

AIRA Matrix provides a suite of Deep Learning-based solutions with diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive applications in the cancer care pathway. These multi-modality trained solutions enable clinicians to improve risk stratification and, hence, personalize cancer care, ultimately resulting in better treatment outcomes for the patient. AIRAProstate is the best-in-class solution for the histopathological diagnosis and prognostication of prostate cancer. To learn more about the AIRA Matrix solution suite for the cancer care pathway, visit

About Acupath

Founded in 1998 and based in Plainview, NY (Long Island), Acupath is a nationwide provider of sub-specialized anatomic pathology services focused on the following specialties; Urology, Gastroenterology, Hematology/Oncology, Dermatology, Breast, Gynecology, Otolaryngology, Podiatry, and Oral. Acupath offers an extensive test menu on both a global and TC/PC basis, has well over 500 active clients, processes well over 150,000 specimens annually, and is a leading provider of innovative bladder cancer testing (URO17, UroVysion™ FISH), prostate cancer (PTEN ERG FISH), and esophageal cancer (Barrett’s esophagus FISH). To learn more visit

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