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Lumea Inc., a leader in integrated digital pathology solutions, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with AIRA Matrix Private Limited, a leading technology company that provides diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive AI solutions for cancer care. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in the field, as it enables pathologists on Lumea’s diagnostic platform to use AIRA Matrix’s cutting-edge diagnostic solutions for decision support in Gleason grading prostate cancer specimens. Pathologists can utilize these diagnostic aids to improve tumor grading and enhance risk stratification.

The cornerstone of this partnership is the integration of AIRA Matrix’s AI solution, AIRAProstate, with Lumea’s robust platform. AIRAProstate seamlessly blends with Lumea’s auto-report-creation features, and precisely identifies and segments tumors with subsequent Gleason grading and grouping. The outputs generated by this integration automatically populate a draft report, offering pathologists valuable diagnostic aids as they review, annotate, and tailor reports. The solution serves as an efficient screening tool, saving time and minimizing subjectivity, and effectively provides a potential quality control function.

The Lumea platform has revolutionized a new era of efficiency, timely diagnosis, and expedited treatments. Its intuitive interface streamlines processes, ensures accuracy, and leaves behind error-prone methods while significantly reducing overall turnaround time. Collaborations with AI pioneers such as AIRA Matrix play a pivotal role in amplifying these efficiencies, propelling the field of pathology toward its goal of delivering unparalleled patient care.

AIRAProstate is the most comprehensive AI-based solution that improves the accuracy of risk stratification in prostate cancer. It has consistently outperformed other commercially available AI solutions with similar applications in independent tests.

“I have been using the AIRA Matrix AI algorithm for several months now on the Lumea platform. It is easy to use, loads quickly, and does an excellent job detecting suspicious areas and/or adenocarcinoma in prostate tissue core specimens. I find it very useful as a QA/QC tool after I have reviewed a case,” said Hillel Kahane, MD.

Chaith Kondragunta, CEO of AIRA Matrix commented “We are excited about integrating the best-in-class AIRAProstate solution with the Lumea platform. This integration provides Lumea users with a comprehensive workflow management platform, complete with Deep Learning-based image analysis for improved risk stratification of prostate cancer. This solution has already been tested and has received extremely positive feedback for its accuracy and precision from pathologists on the Lumea platform. In addition, it complements the Lumea platform by providing quantitative, evidence-based reports that expedite turnaround times.”

This strategic partnership between Lumea Inc. and AIRA Matrix is poised to redefine the landscape of digital pathology solutions, ushering in a new era of precision and efficiency in cancer diagnostics.

About Lumea

Lumea is reshaping the pathology landscape with innovative technology solutions that elevate and enhance the entire pathology ecosystem. Since its founding in 2013, Lumea has pioneered one of the first software platforms of its kind, offering a comprehensive suite of products, including proprietary specimen-handling consumables, a digitally-enabled Laboratory Information System (LIS), and a premier IMS/Viewer. Lumea’s unique approach to digital pathology not only increases cancer detection rates but also delivers a substantial return on investment in a cost-sensitive environment and ultimately sets a higher standard of patient care in cancer diagnostics. With over 1.5 million digital diagnoses, Lumea ranks among the top 5 digital pathology platforms for clinical use in the United States. For further insights into the transformative benefits of Lumea technology, visit

About AIRA Matrix and AIRAProstate

AIRA Matrix provides a suite of Deep Learning-based solutions with diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive applications in the cancer care pathway. These multi-modality trained solutions enable clinicians to improve risk stratification and hence personalize cancer care, ultimately resulting in better treatment outcomes for the patient. AIRAProstate is the best-in-class solution for histopathological diagnosis and prognostication of prostate cancer. To know more about the AIRA Matrix solution suite for the cancer care pathway visit

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