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[May 15, 2024] – Lumea Inc., a trailblazing digital pathology company dedicated to advancing tissue standardization, is thrilled to announce a standalone version of their Smart Tissue Camera—the BxCam®. that requires no LIS integration. Historically, this unique device was only available to those using Lumea’s complete software package known as BxLink™. Now, at an affordable price tag, this incredible technology is accessible to labs of all sizes.

“We’ve witnessed firsthand the BxCam’s profound impact in histology labs around the globe over the past six years and have been thrilled to see how much time and effort it has saved our clients,” Lumea’s CCO, James Thackeray. “Our Smart camera is an affordable, safe, flexible, and user-friendly device that immediately enhances the quality and accuracy of patient care. Although intended for labs, some customers have even used these cameras in the procedure room as an additional quality control check. The fact that this standalone version will make it easier for more users to adopt this tech is exciting. We can’t wait to see how it continues to positively impact histology.”

The camera’s advanced algorithms, utilized on more than two million specimens, can detect, document, and measure anything that fits in a cassette. It’s also capable of reviewing multiple individual samples in the Lumea BxChip®, handling up to six needle-core biopsies simultaneously. By using the BxCam, labs can significantly reduce risks, errors, and human variation—ensuring consistent, high-quality, precise measurements and gross descriptions. Users have also reported up to a 62% reduction in grossing time for the most time-consuming and difficult-to-gross specimens.

One of the most important reasons Lumea is excited about this new product offering is that it’s designed to be open-sourced and available to anyone who would like to use it. In the ever-changing world of pathology, and especially digital pathology, freeing innovative software that can make a meaningful difference, like the BxCam, will only serve to facilitate the potential to radically transform patient care. 


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About Lumea

Lumea, a forefront innovator in digital pathology, places patients at the core of its approach. Their best-in-class tissue-handling technology and integrated workflow AI ensure standardization and optimal tissue integrity throughout the entire pathology ecosystem, enhancing overall efficiency and quality. This distinctive strategy improves tissue yield and quality, which can lead to higher cancer detection rates, and results in a return on investment in cost and time-sensitive environments, ultimately setting a higher standard for patient care in cancer diagnostics. Learn more at

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