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Lumea and P4 Diagnostix partnership press release

LEHI, UT, October 13, 2022—Lumea Inc, a global leader in integrated digital pathology solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with P4 Diagnostix to implement the newly launched Lumea Pathology LIS Upgrade System (Lumea+). Lumea+ will automate specific areas of P4’s specimen processing workflow and enable digital image analysis for prostate, breast, and other biopsy case types.  

Lumea+ incorporates Lumea’s leading-edge technology and proprietary consumables with any existing LIS. This upgraded system maximizes lab and pathologist efficiencies and improves quality throughout the entire pathology workflow. Lumea’s solution provides a seamless transition from traditional to digital pathology. 

Lumea Plus Digital Pathology

P4 Diagnostix is a national network of laboratories servicing urology, gastroenterology, dermatology, and women’s health with offerings in anatomic, clinical, and molecular pathology. The P4 lab network is connected by VitalAxis, one of the industry’s leading lab information systems. P4’s robust IT infrastructure allows them to interface with clients’ offices, surgery centers, and physician-owned laboratories, creating a true end-to-end IT solution.

“Lumea+ is going to revolutionize the way companies adopt and implement digital pathology. We are thrilled to work side by side with P4 and VitalAxis in this initial launch,” says James Thackeray, Lumea’s Chief Commercialization Officer. “We are equally excited to see how this technology improves both their lab workflow experience and ability to read digitally.”

Bruce Bell, P4’s Chief Operations Officer states, “Adding the Lumea+ and digital imaging technology will not only enhance efficiency through our entire lab network but transform our internal workflow. This is a big win for our clients. The automation of certain processes coupled with the speed and accuracy of digital image analysis will result in higher quality and better turnaround time in our labs.”

Read the full press release to learn more about the Lumea and P4 Diagnostix Partnership.

What is Lumea+?

Lumea+ is a new product line that allows groups (pathologists and labs) to tailor digital pathology to their needs. Instead of purchasing a new LIS, clients can unlock the power of digital pathology through integrations. Enjoy the ability to choose from three product lines that enhance embedding, digital slide viewing, and diagnosis. 

What does this mean for the future of digital pathology?

“Everyone talks about collaboration, but Lumea clearly has it embedded in its DNA,” said John Salmon, MD. “It’s incredibly exciting to see this ethos attract such a diverse, driven, and capable group, each looking not to outdo the other but to bring their strengths to the arena and push for a better future.” Dr. Salmon shared these thoughts after attending Lumea’s Digital Diagnostic Summit this fall.

Lumea wants to advance digital pathology for the good of physicians and patients around the world. Our leaders believe the best way to make this possible is collaboration. They hope to see increased global alliances between LIS, AI, and other digital pathology companies. Lumea’s partnerships with companies like P4 Diagnostix and Verily are a positive move in the right direction. Together we are providing unique solutions to groups that have never had such easy and simple access to digital pathology and AI.

In addition, Lumea’s pain-free digital pathology adoption helps address pay cuts and shortages. The College of American Pathologists (CAP) reported that there will be a 3% cut to all pathology services in 2023. There is also a massive global pathology shortage and reports of high burnout rates. Although there are many potential answers to these problems, the Lumea+ technology offers unique solutions. 

Why try Lumea+?

First, Lumea+ enables pathologists to work remotely. Remote work takes a load off of a pathologist by removing the need for a commute. It also opens doors to increasing service areas – even potentially to countries with a severe shortage of pathologists. 

Second, Lumea+ helps pathologists do more work in less time, depending on the specimen type. Some pathologists reported they could diagnose up to twice as many cases in one day. Lumea’s technology made their job more efficient and flexible than ever before.

When talking about the Lumea technology Matthew Leavitt, MD said it was “hands down, the most efficient digital pathology workflow.”

Though there are many other benefits, the final one we will mention today is our favorite. Lumea+ enables all groups to start digital pathology at their own pace without compromising their ability to decide what is best for them. What are you waiting for? Download our Lumea+ One Pager or request a free demo to learn more.

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