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Are you attending the 20th European Congress on Digital Pathology in Vilnius? Then definitely make it a priority to visit Lumea’s digital pathology booth. Lumea, a leading player in the digital pathology space, will showcase cutting-edge solutions designed to transform pathology practices. Visitors can experience live demonstrations of innovative technology that optimizes workflows, enhances diagnostic capabilities, and integrates artificial intelligence. Lumea’s representatives Chelsea Sowards, David Dalton, and Alok Patel will provide a unique opportunity to gain insights, ask questions, and explore the practical applications of Lumea’s advanced digital pathology solutions.

Reach out to Chelsea Sowards today to reserve a spot for a personalized demo during the event. 

Event Details:

The 20th European Congress on Digital Pathology will be June 5-8 in Vilnius, Lithuania. This congress offers an exceptional platform for exchanging knowledge, fostering innovative ideas, and building collaborative networks. Vilnius, with its rich history, breathtaking architecture, and hospitable atmosphere, serves as an inspiring backdrop for this event. The goal of the event is to unite to harness the potential of digital pathology, revolutionize healthcare, and enhance patient outcomes. Anticipate insightful discussions, exciting breakthroughs, and a memorable congress experience.

Meet Our Reps!

Chelsea Sowards

Chelsea Sowards, Senior VP of Sales, Lumea

David Dalton

David Dalton, Vice President of Strategic Sales, Lumea

Alok Patel

Alok Patel, Business Development & Sales, Lumea

Can’t make it to the conference? You can explore our tissue-handling technology, slide viewer, and digital-pathology-enabled LIS on your own on our website, or fill in your details below to get in touch with us.

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