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BioVantra is an early adopter of digital pathology.

Digital pathology is the process of digitizing glass slides using a whole slide image scanner and then analyzing the digital images using an image viewer, typically on a computer monitor or mobile device. The rapid progress of whole slide imaging (WSI) technology, along with advances in software applications, LIS / LIMS interfacing, and high-speed networking, have made it possible to integrate digital pathology into pathology workflows fully.

Laboratories can utilize high-throughput, automated digital pathology scanners to capture an entire glass slide, under bright field or fluorescent conditions, at a magnification comparable to a microscope. In addition, digital slides can be shared over networks using specialized digital pathology software applications. Pathologists can also apply automated image analysis tools to interpret and quantify biomarker expression within tissue sections.

The Lumea platform powers BioVantra’s digital pathology program. Lumea is a market leader in digital pathology solutions. With Lumea’s online platform, our pathologists can provide faster and more accurate diagnostic information to improve patient care.


Learn how comprehensive digital pathology that starts with the patient can help improve the quality of your practice, reduce costs, and scale your business. Request a free demo today.

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