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The Lumea and ConnectPathology partnership enables more pathologist collaboration and feedback in digital pathology technology. They use our unique tissue biopsy collection systems and state-of-the-art digital workflow to provide excellent care for the physicians and patients they serve.

Jared Szymanski, MD, helped found Lumea before starting this new practice. He founded ConnectPathology with his colleague Anthony Perry, MD. Thanks to his contributions to building the groundwork that would become what Lumea is today, he is now able to use our solutions at work. Szymanski and Perry use Lumea’s AI software as a virtual assistant and quality control check, digital gross evaluation, microscopic imaging, integrative software, physician conditional molecular test ordering, and proprietary tissue handling devices.

ConnectPathology specializes in urology, dermatology, gastroenterology, and gynecology. 

Learn how Lumea digital pathology can streamline each step of the process, improve the quality and accuracy of each diagnosis, simplify workflows, and improve diagnostic accuracy. 

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