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Lumea is exhibiting at the 2022 NSH Convention, October 16-18, 2022. Attendees can find Lumea in Exhibit Hall D in the Reno-Sparks Convention Center, at booth number 822. 

What is the NSH Convention?

The NSH Convention is the largest educational event of its kind with the intent to advance and promote histology. The National Society for Histotechnology (NSH) hosts this yearly Convention to provide histologists with learning, research, and networking opportunities. 

The 2022 NSH Convention runs from October 14-19. This year it is taking place at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center and the Silver Legacy at the Row in downtown Reno, NV. 

The National Society for Histotechnology is an organization for histology professionals. Its mission is to shape the future of Histotechnology through a global community of professionals committed to educating, advocating, and driving patient quality. It invites histology professionals, from pathologists to students, to attend this annual meeting.

Why visit Lumea’s exhibit?

Lumea’s exhibit at the NSH Convention will have specimen collection and transport demos, current histology lab products, and products in development. 

And we have chocolate… 

Take a minute to stop by to see how we can reduce costs in your lab and provide a system you can use to impress your pathologists.

What Lumea technology will you see?

Our specimen transport and collection system is based on a non-liquid fixation technique. The fixation method reduces the collector’s exposure to formaldehyde, and the non-spillable containment of the formalin improves the stability during transport to the laboratory facility. The specimen collection system makes collecting multiple specimens during a procedure simpler and easier. 

Our 6-lane BxBoard® is for the collection of prostate specimens. Mapping and designation is available in multiple techniques, which can easily be changed during the procedure. Each BxBoard can hold up to 6 biopsy cores or 6 sites. A patient case can use as many boards as needed.

Lumea developed the BxView® collection system for the quick collection of GI specimens during an endoscopic procedure. The BxStation® is a LEAN specimen system that can maintain collection order and provides easy and quick movement between sites. Each BxView has a unique serial number, a 2-D code, and an RFID tag within the cassette. Ask more about this 6 Sigma collection system, which can improve patient safety and specimen integrity. 

To go with the prostate BxBoard, a BxChip® is available for multiplexing the patient’s core biopsies to match the order they were placed on the BxBoard. The BxChip maintains the order and orientation of the cores. It is made from a material that cuts and stains with a similar makeup as the tissue within the lanes. It provides a concise plane of sectioning that secures the length of the biopsy. The result is that a pathologist will have the maximum amount of surface area to view as possible.

Other Lumea tools in development:

A collection, transport, and processing system for breast biopsy cores that will almost entirely get rid of the ischemic time. 

Also, a collection and processing system for multiple processing of GI biopsies.

A collection, transport, and processing system for dermatopathology in various forms to accommodate the complexity of the handling of these specimens.

NSH Convention exhibit information

Lumea’s exhibit at the NSH Convention will open from 10:30 am – 4 pm October 16-17 and from 9 am – 1 pm October 18. The full schedule for the convention is available on their website.

The NSH website contains an exhibit map and a helpful tool to find exhibitors.

“The NSH Convention is a great opportunity for Histology Professionals to see the new ways to make lab process improvements, see new technologies, and talk with colleagues on a national platform to improve and maintain best practices in our industry,” said Heather Hansen, Lumea Research Associate/ PA/HLT and Member NSH, AAPA for over 20 years. “I am proud to contribute and learn from exceptional professionals.”

What are the NSH Convention sessions?

In addition to exhibits, there will be a variety of posters, workshops, and sessions. Sessions include the following:

Education Sessions: The NSH Convention offers educational sessions for every level and specialty. 

Learning Labs: The NSH Convention boasts some of the best hands-on training in histology. These sessions include live technique demos. Attendees will have the opportunity to work with the technology, equipment, and chemicals themselves. Regardless of the subject matter, these labs promise to be interactive.

Workshops: These will be educational sessions with a Q&A at the end. Workshops are worth 1.0 CEU for attendees. 

General Sessions: There will be a general lecture each morning October 16-18 open to all. These sessions are worth 1.0 CEU for attendees.

Express Talks: These short lectures will last 15 minutes and will focus on one small part of histology. They are worth .25 CEUs.

Topic Roundtables: The NSH Convention roundtables will be moderated discussions intended to provide one-on-one interaction with peers. These are available for $40, and each one is worth 1.0 CEU.

Scientific Posters: There will be a variety of scientific posters up around the convention center available for review. These were submitted to the convection ahead of time.

Additional information about Lumea

Lumea offers unique digital pathology solutions for labsclinics, and pathologists. These solutions come in the form of products as well as digital systems for every step of the process. At Lumea’s NSH Convention exhibit, you will see a unique digital ecosystem that affects the pre-analytic, analytic, and post-analytic steps of a cancer diagnosis to allow pathologists and labs to have an easier and simpler transition to digital pathology. The result is better patient care, reduced costs, better flexibility, and more opportunity for new growth. Forward-thinking pathology groups, labs, and hospital systems can finally take full advantage of digital pathology to simplify lab operations, improve patient care, and increase profit margins.

Lumea’s mission is to dramatically improve accuracy and efficiency by getting new devices and software to clinics, labs, and pathologists. In this way, we can realize our company vision to positively affect patient results by revolutionizing diagnostic medicine.

If you are going to the 2022 NSH Conference, be sure to stop by Lumea’s exhibit, booth 822, to see our histology technology in action. If you miss us, you can schedule a free demo on our website to see our digital pathology solutions for yourself.

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